Denise Resnik

Denise Resnik

Denise is the founder and president/CEO of First Place® AZ (established in 2012), co-founder of the Southwest Autism Research & Resource Center (SARRC, established in 1997), and founder and CEO of DRA Collective, a marketing/communications firm (established in 1986) that serves clients in a variety of fields, including real estate,…

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Colton Duncan

Denise Resnik

Colton Duncan is one of America’s youngest Political Consultants. He has established himself as one of the leading Strategists in his field. He has worked for a number of firms and has launched an agency of his own. Forty5 Strategies offers strategy and media consulting to candidates or causes that…

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Justin McGill

Denise Resnik

Justin McGill is a serial entrepreneur with a heavy focus on using technology to automate sales and marketing initiatives. After starting his entrepreneurial journey in 2008 with a digital marketing agency, he went on to found LeadFuze (a search engine for leads that helps you automate prospecting) in 2014. Where…

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Alvin Yono

Denise Resnik

Alvin Samir Yono is an accomplished photographer based out of Maricopa County in Arizona. Specializing in portrait and architectural photography, Alvin brings a high degree of expertise and professionalism to his freelance work. After being inspired by the historical architecture while on a trip to Spain, he was encouraged to…

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Liz Illg

Denise Resnik

Liz Illg started her entrepreneurial journey in 2013 when she bought her first business. She had no experience in owning or managing a business but her determination led her to success. After only four years, Liz had grown her brick-and-mortar storefront to three locations in the Phoenix region. After being…

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Jeff Comer

Denise Resnik

As the son of a CEO, Dr. Jeff Comer is a 20 plus year hospital CEO. Located in Phoenix, Arizona, Jeff currently leads a behavioral health company. He has directed most of his career efforts toward working with acute care hospitals and other organizations at the brink of closure. He…

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Clint Lotz

Denise Resnik

Clint Lotz is the President and Founder of, a new, predictive API designed to help enterprise level banking/lending/mortgage institutions offer better and more accurate loans to customers – all based on information in lender’s existing databases. Prior to launching TrackStar, Clint founded TCRO Systems, where he has developed the…

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Alexander Guizzetti

Denise Resnik

Alexander Guizzetti is the President of 9d Ventures and is based in Scottsdale, Arizona. A native of the Midwest, Guizzetti has ultimately made his home in the Southwest and continues to develop new businesses in the region. 9d Ventures is a privately held company in the venture capital and private…

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Jake Cummings

Denise Resnik

Jake Cummings is a native of Tucson, Arizona. He was born in Tucson and was raised in Marana with his two younger sisters. He attended elementary, junior high, and high school in Marana and played football for the team. He was a good player and considered going on to college…

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Rick Elmore

Rick Elmore

Rick Elmore is an entrepreneur, sales and marketing expert, and former college and professional football player. Rick started his football career at the University of Arizona as a Defensive End. Following graduation, Rick was drafted by the Green Bay Packers as a Linebacker. Rick went on to play for San…

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