Derek Hales – Founder and Author of Sleepopolis

Derek Hales - Founder and Author of Sleepopolis

I’m a big believer in simply getting started. Whatever I am working on, whether it’s a new blog post, video, review, or a testing philosophy, I just try to get started as quickly as possible. Derek Hales is a digital marketing professional, WordPress enthusiast, content creation aficionado, and lover all things digital. Derek is the […]

Dan Goman – Founder and CEO of Ownzones

Dan Goman - Founder & CEO of OWNZONES

My personal motto is “It’s never a question of if it can be done, the only question is how.” Dan Goman, Founder and CEO of OWNZONES, is a recognized technology innovator with a strong background in strategic leadership at Fortune 100 companies including Microsoft, AT&T Wireless, and Lucent Technologies. While a program manager in the […]

Bill Rinehart – CEO and Founder of DUFL


Focus on what’s best for the customer. A groundbreaking serial tech entrepreneur and leader, Bill Rinehart has built and orchestrated successful exits for 5 companies in 15 years, serving as the driving force behind startups and enterprises that have helped shape the Internet as we know it today. At DUFL, Bill drives overall strategy, manages […]

Andy Ahern – Founder and CEO of Ahern & Associates

Andy Ahern - Founder and CEO of Ahern & Associates

I believe that in order for a business to perpetuate itself, you need to continually break the model and recreate the model, and continue to challenge yourself. Ahern & Associates is a transportation consulting and analytical firm that focuses 100% of their practice in trucking, logistics, and warehousing. The Chief Executive Officer of the company […]