Gregg Jaclin

Gregg Jaclin

Based in Princeton, New Jersey, Gregg E. Jaclin has established himself as a seasoned consultant with a focus on financing, mergers, acquisitions, and securities issues. His journey from traditional legal representation to becoming a valuable resource for entrepreneurial minds and small businesses across the United States reflects his unwavering commitment…

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Nathaniel Banks

Nathaniel Banks

Nathaniel Banks is a trained architectural, landscape, and product designer, and is currently the CTO and co-founder for PolyGone Systems, Inc. PolyGone Systems is an environmental-tech company that specializes in removing microplastic contaminants from waterways. Nathaniel holds a Master’s degree in Architecture from Princeton University and a Bachelor’s degree is…

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Roi Mor

Roi Mor

Roi Mor is a 20+ high-tech veteran in the enterprise space. He started his career as a web developer creating websites in the early 2000’s. Later on he became a project manager for an Israeli startup in the integration space, working with many financial institutions, helping them modernize their legacy…

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Nancy Weinstein – Co-Founder & CEO of Mindprint Learning

Nancy Weinstein - Co-Founder & CEO of Mindprint Learning

As an entrepreneur you’ve got to trust your gut, but to a point. You’ve also got to be a great listener. Nancy Weinstein is the co-founder & CEO of Mindprint Learning, a Princeton, NJ-based educational technology company that specializes in helping children develop a growth mindset through research-backed online cognitive…

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Amit Murumkar – Founder & CEO of Canvsly

Amit Murumkar - Founder & CEO of Canvsly

[quote style=”boxed”]Ideas are dime a dozen. It’s very important to passionately understand and believe in the idea and have a very clear vision. This makes the execution easier![/quote] Amit Murumkar is an award winning Founder and CEO of Canvsly, a platform to capture, organize, share and cherish kids artwork. Amit has…

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