Dale Leatherwood – Founder of Smart Degree

  Dale Leatherwood brings deep expertise in higher education student recruitment and enrollment to Smart Degree. Dale works closely with higher education institutions to help them embrace innovative new models of adult learner engagement through the Smart Degree program that enables the schools to identify and recruit students who will succeed. A senior marketing executive […]

Jake Villarreal – Co-Founder and President of Match Relevant

[quote style=”boxed”]When I have “big wins” in business or life, I schedule time on my calendar to focus on humility and how I can serve others.[/quote] Jake Villarreal is the co-founder and president of Match Relevant, an IT-staffing entity that utilizes social media and innovative recruiting practices to deliver award-winning talent for funded tech startups, […]

Asha Saxena – President and CEO of Future Technologies

[quote style=”boxed”]Idea generation is not a solo process. My ideas come from talking with my team. Then, we bring them to our customers to get feedback.[/quote] Asha Saxena is the president and CEO of Future Technologies Inc., an international data management solutions firm. FTI’s Center for Analytics Services (CAS) provides data management and analytic solutions […]

Amit Murumkar – Founder & CEO of Canvsly

[quote style=”boxed”]Ideas are dime a dozen. It’s very important to passionately understand and believe in the idea and have a very clear vision. This makes the execution easier![/quote] Amit Murumkar is an award winning Founder and CEO of Canvsly, a platform to capture, organize, share and cherish kids artwork. Amit has been in the technology sector […]

Jay Shapiro – Tribal Head of the Humans at Infinite Monkeys

[quote style=”boxed”]We’ve been doing so much, with so little, for so long – that now we can do almost anything with almost nothing.[/quote] Jay Shapiro is the Tribal Head of the Humans at Infinite Monkeys, a web-based, self-service platform that enables ordinary people to create extraordinary mobile apps for iOS, Android and HTML 5 devices […]

Audrick Kramer – CEO of TechPayout.com

[quote style=”boxed”]I would highly recommend if you own a business that you are aware of the true power of social media. TechPayout has been profitable through social media even before we launched our website.[/quote] Audrick Kramer was appointed to the position of CEO of TechPayout in December 2011. Under Audrick’s leadership, TechPayout has implemented best in class […]

Chris MacPhee – Founder of Suburban Camping Company

[quote style=”boxed”]We love old things done in new ways. We recently read about a milk company in NYC that is bringing back the classic milk bottle delivery service to customers in urban areas. Love the idea of cultivating a modern way of doing something based on something classic. Nostalgia is a huge trend right now […]

Marian Calabro – History marketing and writing maven

Marian Calabro is the founder and president of CorporateHistory.net, a firm that helps companies use their past to position themselves for the future. She is also the voice of YouTube’s corporate history channel Featured on Wikipedia and a guest on The History Channel’s Modern Marvels series, Marian Calabro is recognized for work that breaks out […]