Will Bachman

Will Bachman is the co-founder and Managing Partner of Umbrex in Queens, NY. a global community connecting 650 top tier independent management consultants across thirty countries. After five years at McKinsey, Bachman left in 2008 to start his own independent consulting practice. He soon realized that while he knew how to…

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Richard Mgrdechian

Richard Mgrdechian

Find something interesting and obsess over it until you can understand it at its deepest and most fundamental levels. Then take it all apart, re-imagine it, and try to put it back together in new and better ways.   Richard Mgrdechian is a highly experienced finance, restructuring, business transformation, strategic…

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Laura Spawn – Co-Founder of VirtualVocations

[quote style=”boxed”]Keep trying. Don’t give up, and don’t allow yourself to get discouraged. There are a lot of ups and downs to owning a business. When you hit a sticky spot, reevaluate your methods and customer needs, and push forward. Those tough spots will happen; just keep going.[/quote] Laura Spawn…

Meet Laura Spawn – Co-Founder of VirtualVocations