Steve Blumkin – President and Co-founder of Outrageous Rugs

[quote style=”boxed”]As simple as this may sound, when possible I take a 15 to 20 minute cat nap, which makes the remainder of the day much more productive.[/quote] Steve Blumkin is the owner, president and founder of Outrageous Rugs, the premier decorative area rug store in San Diego, with multiple locations in that city and […]

Serhat Pala – President and Founder of RhinoForce

[quote style=”boxed”]I’ve started replacing my daily results goals with activity goals, which I believe are much more realistic and easily attainable and lead to results. [/quote] Serhat Pala is the President and founder of RhinoForce, a full-service internet marketing agency that provides expertise to help its clients plan and execute their online marketing strategies. Prior to […]

Ha Phan – Product Design Vision at

[quote style=”boxed”] Design is about solving problems, so ideas have to come from listening to users and observing the world around you.[/quote] Ha leads the Product Design vision at An award-winning designer whose work has won Webbys, Ha is responsible for making the experience beautiful, simple, and engaging. Ha’s goal for is to […]

Ambrose Conroy – Founder of Seraph

[quote style=”boxed”]The ability to create momentum and provide clear direction to a project team is vital. I believe this boils down to leadership and team accountability.[/quote] Ambrose Conroy is the founder of Seraph, as well as a member of its executive team. Seraph works with clients to turn around, relocate, or restructure their business operations. […]

Zeynep Ilgaz – Co-founder of Confirm BioSciences

[quote style=”boxed”]Invest in teamwork: teamwork at home, teamwork at work. Don’t try to do it all — do it as a team. Establish trust with your staff, vendors, customers, kids, spouse, and friends. Trust each other to work toward your goals.[/quote] Originally from Turkey, Zeynep Ilgaz and her husband immigrated to the United States with […]

Walter Meyer – Author of Rounding Third

[quote style=”boxed”]It took me a while to get good at self-promotion and I think everyone should figure out how to do that. I think if done properly—not obnoxiously—it makes people aware of what you have to offer.[/quote] Walter G. Meyer began his writing career when he won a short-story contest when he was in the […]

Vince Stead – Founder of Fun2ReadBooks

[quote style=”boxed”]I spend half the work day trying to get people to buy my books all sorts of ways. The other half of my day is spent working on new books to put up for sale.[/quote] Vince Stead was born in Pontiac Michigan, and had 4 older brothers and 2 older sisters. Vince’s mother passed […]

Jim Musgrave – Professional Author, Teacher and Business Owner

[quote style=”boxed”]As a creative writer, I believe in the zone. Athletes do it also, as well as anybody who can get out of his or her ego enough to create something. The intensity and enjoyment of creation is fun in itself. [/quote] Jim Musgrave (1946-) was born in Fall River, Massachusetts (home to Lizzie Borden). He […]

Benjamin Chen – Chief Executive Officer of myIDkey

[quote style=”boxed”]Believe in myself more, take greater risks pursuing my passions, and be more present.[/quote] Benjamin Chen is a leader in business and technology management, with over 25 years of experience working with startups, fortune companies and private equity focused on media, online advertising, interactive agency, enterprise software, content management systems, networking and data centers.