Steve Blumkin – President and Co-founder of Outrageous Rugs

[quote style=”boxed”]As simple as this may sound, when possible I take a 15 to 20 minute cat nap, which makes the remainder of the day much more productive.[/quote] Steve Blumkin is the owner, president and founder of Outrageous Rugs, the premier decorative area rug store in San Diego, with multiple locations in that city and […]

Serhat Pala – President and Founder of RhinoForce

[quote style=”boxed”]I’ve started replacing my daily results goals with activity goals, which I believe are much more realistic and easily attainable and lead to results. [/quote] Serhat Pala is the President and founder of RhinoForce, a full-service internet marketing agency that provides expertise to help its clients plan and execute their online marketing strategies. Prior to […]

Ha Phan – Product Design Vision at

[quote style=”boxed”] Design is about solving problems, so ideas have to come from listening to users and observing the world around you.[/quote] Ha leads the Product Design vision at An award-winning designer whose work has won Webbys, Ha is responsible for making the experience beautiful, simple, and engaging. Ha’s goal for is to […]