Jake Villarreal – Co-Founder and President of Match Relevant

[quote style=”boxed”]When I have “big wins” in business or life, I schedule time on my calendar to focus on humility and how I can serve others.[/quote] Jake Villarreal is the co-founder and president of Match Relevant, an IT-staffing entity that utilizes social media and innovative recruiting practices to deliver award-winning talent for funded tech startups, […]

Susie Wang – Co-founder of Incville

[quote style=”boxed”]”The most important thing is to focus on quality. You can always get someone to buy something once, but to build a loyal following and to keep customers coming back again and again, it is important to create the very best quality products. “[/quote] Susie Wang was a student at UC Berkeley when she […]

Merrett Sheridan – Happiness Consultant at Share It With Merrett

[quote style=”boxed”]Don’t let the “failures” effect you too much. Of course they are hard to take initially but learn from them, take what works and leave the negativity behind![/quote] Merrett Sheridan, Happiness Consultant grew up in San Jose CA and has gone through multiple careers finally deciding to create her own. She has been a […]

Tara Agacayak – Co-Founder and COO of GlobalNiche.net

[quote style=”boxed”]Ideas come to life when they’re ready. I find they hit me when I’m washing dishes or vacuuming or meditating. They might come to mind right as I’m waking up in the morning or just as I go to sleep at night.[/quote] Tara Agacayak likes to call herself a problem-solver, which she says is […]

Tea Silvestre – Founder of Prosperity’s Kitchen

[quote style=”boxed”]Keep learning. Stay curious. Professional development never ends. When you stop exploring new ideas, products and services (or how you deliver them), your business dies.[/quote] Tea (pronounced Tay’ah) Silvestre started her marketing career more than twenty years ago as a graphic designer and copy editor and then worked her way up into C-level positions […]