Ang Pheng Huat – Co-founder of Boxyroom

[quote style=”boxed”]Ideas come to be at the most unexpected time in the wildest places. When an idea hits me, I will whip out my smartphone and take a short note of the idea so I won’t forget.[/quote] Ang Pheng Huat is the co-founder of Boxyroom, an online peer-to-peer marketplace to help expatriates and students, who […]

Jason Aspes – Co-founder of Silverline

[quote style=”boxed”]Make an effort to meet people. Go out of your way to participate in areas outside your expertise and comfort zone. Try new things. It’s amazing where it will take you.[/quote] Jason Aspes is the founding Partner of Newton Circus, an innovation company that focuses on social and environmental sustainability. The idea behind Newton […]

Rhys, Scarlett and Sarah – Founders of Social Rehab

[quote style=”boxed”]Stay humble, you’ll make more connections, get more references and be looked upon more kindly by your peers.[/quote] Hailing from London, Australia and Singapore, these twenty-somethings first met as participants of the BBH Barn (Asia-Pacific) 2012. From there, Rhys, Scarlett and Sarah set out to “do something good, famously” – and that’s how Social […]

Erik Posthuma – Managing Partner at Antics

[quote style=”boxed”]There are so many ideas. The most important thing is to just get your idea out that and have the market decide it’s value. If it’s good. Go and build it.[/quote] Erik Posthuma is a managing partner at Antics, a digital creative agency with operations across South East Asia. Antics works with brands to […]

Reinier Evers – Founder of Trendwatching and Springwise

[quote style=”boxed”]We basically give all business ideas away as it is! But I think there’s a great opp to start a truly personalized online travel guide company.[/quote] Forty-one year old Reinier Evers is an accomplished trend watcher, entrepreneur and presenter. He holds a Master’s degree in Economics from the University of Amsterdam and has been […]