Jennifer Umali – CEO of MediaCross

[quote style=”boxed”]Good ideas don’t form in a silo. You need the energy and thoughts of many to really iron them out.[/quote] Jennifer Umali is the CEO of MediaCross, a strategic marketing agency based in St. Louis. MediaCross’ mission is to collaborate with clients to provide strategic, creative solutions that enable clients to achieve their marketing […]

Jon Cook – Owner of Archway Ink

[quote style=”boxed”]The more you’re informed, the better your brain can process the nuggets of excellence to save.[/quote] Jon Cook is the owner of Archway Ink, his independent creative headquarters. He primarily works with entrepreneurs and small to medium businesses through copywriting, blogging content and coaching, branding design and strategy, and social media development. Jon is […]

Anderson Maestri – Educator, Public Speaker and Author

[quote style=”boxed”]I recommend everyone to constantly evaluate their course, their choices, and themselves as individuals.[/quote] Anderson is an innovative leader who has experienced developing educational programs in two countries. He has developed a Language School in Brazil and a Preschool program in Missouri. He was the lead layout designer for what was then the 3rd […]

Allain Roy – CEO of CMG Sports

[quote style=”boxed”]I would be more conscious of how owning your own business causes you to sacrifice other parts of your life, sometimes costly sacrifices.[/quote] A member of the 1994 silver medal Canadian Olympic team and CMG Sports president, Allain Roy serves as the personal representative of clients, responsible for enhancing their professional careers as well […]

Chuck Cohn – Founder and CEO of Varsity Tutors

[quote style=”boxed”]I would tackle all the hardest operational aspects of this business first, rather than tackling the easiest items first.[/quote] Chuck Cohn is the founder and CEO of Varsity Tutors, a private tutoring service in NYC and 13 other metro areas. You can connect with Chuck on LinkedIn. What are you working on right now? […]

David Siteman Garland – Founder of The Rise To The Top

Entrepreneur, mediapreneur, entertainer, marketer, speaker and author David Siteman Garland is the Founder of The Rise To The Top, The #1 Non-Boring Resource For Building Your Business Smarter, Faster, Cheaper and author of Smarter, Faster, Cheaper: Non-Boring, Fluff-free Strategies for Marketing and Promoting Your Business (Wiley Publishing). He writes and hosts RISE, a web show […]