Mark Daoust – Founder of Quiet Light Brokerage

By hiring highly skilled entrepreneurs, I became surrounded by like-minded people. They understand the idea of being results-driven and the consequences and rewards of their actions. Mark Daoust is the founder of Quiet Light Brokerage Inc., an advisory firm that helps entrepreneurs buy and sell websites and online businesses. Quiet Light Brokerage was recently named […]

Mike Spakowski – Founder of Atomicdust

Mike Spakowski - Founder of Atomicdust

The secret to making ideas come to life is having the discipline to do it. Discipline is the hardest part. More than 14 years after founding Atomicdust, a marketing and design agency, Mike Spakowski is actively involved in day-to-day brand strategy, art direction, and studio management. Since 2001, Atomicdust has helped clients in the healthcare, […]

Ben Newman – Bestselling Author and Performance Coach

Ben Newman - Bestselling Author and International Speaker

If I were to do it all over again, I think I would embrace the importance of getting up and having a morning routine. Ben Newman is a bestselling author, international speaker, and highly regarded performance coach whose clients include Fortune 500 companies, business executives, high-performing salespeople, and athletes in the NFL, PGA, and NCAA. […]

Devin Turner and Charlie Beckwith – Creators of FocalCast

You should do something once a day that’s completely unrelated to your main focus. Mark Cuban plays basketball. I usually go for a run. Unplugging and doing something totally different will decrease stress and free up your mind to come up with more creative ideas. As students at Marquette University, Devin Turner and Charlie Beckwith […]

Laxman Sankaran – Co-founder of AppNotch

Laxman Sankaran - Co-founder of AppNotch

I believe in the 10X growth model. I find 10 users to provide valuable feedback on my product. I then find 100 users who continue to add perspectives and constructive feedback. I continue along the path to 10,000 users as I scale. Laxman Sankaran is an inventor and entrepreneur with more than 18 years of […]