Aaron Salow – CEO and Co-Founder of XOEye Technologies

[quote style=”boxed”]Trusting and releasing responsibility to those around me makes me a more productive entrepreneur. [/quote] Aaron Salow is the CEO and Co-Founder of XOEye Technologies, a Nashville, Tennessee based company that produces end-to-end wearable tech solutions for industrial markets. Aaron oversees product development, long-term marketing strategies and investor relations. Aaron’s working experience in industrial-collar and […]

Tom Haarlander – Entrepreneurship Challenge Award Winner

[quote style=”boxed”]Tireless dedication to the task at hand. Nothing matters more than the task at hand and being fully present to accomplishing one task as a little battle.[/quote] Tom Haarlander is an entrepreneur from Nashville who has an eye for innovation and a passion for wellness. During College, Tom Haarlander combined these interests to establish […]

Rob Bellenfant – CEO of TechnologyAdvice

[quote style=”boxed”]We take action immediately. Time wasted on meeting, talking and planning often turns into opportunity wasted. One pillar of an entrepreneurial mindset is not fearing failure, and we certainly don’t. We put our ideas into action, make plenty of mistakes, then make sure to learn from them to grow and improve that idea. I […]

Shayne Woods – Founder and President of FwdHealth

[quote style=”boxed”]The old way of doing things was to in-source what you could and outsource what you must. The new normal is the opposite – outsource what you can and in-source what you must.[/quote] A graduate of Washington University in St. Louis, Shayne is presently based in Chattanooga, Tennessee. He is passionate about ushering in […]