Leslie Shen

Leslie Shen

Education is a core component of professional success. Dr. Leslie Shen knows the importance of honing your skills, regardless of your specialty. With an immense dedication to learning, he holds degrees in both finance and law. He received his Ph.D. from Oxford and his JD from Harvard. His highly-focused specialization…

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Tzvi Lexier

Tzvi Lexier is an entrepreneurial business professional that prides himself on creating strong client relationships while developing new methods in his industry and becoming one of the leaders in the field of business financing. Lexier is known for his unique approach to sourcing new leads and collaborating with some of…

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Salim Henareh

Leslie Shen

Salim Henareh is the operating CEO of a private mortgage corporation based out of Toronto, Canada. Working alongside individuals and businesses, the company provides funds for the purchase of residential dwellings, commercial plazas, and the construction of multi-unit properties. With over thirty years of industry-related experience, Salim Henarah specializes in…

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