Mark Weimer

Mark Weimer has spent his career largely in Silicon Valley as an executive in technology and financial services. His passion for entrepreneurship and innovation has been a driving force behind his entire career. Mark is the former Chairman and CEO of, a business that provided 401K services using the…

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Logan Kimball

Always audit yourself. Try and be as objective as possible about your strengths and weaknesses. Stay self-aware, but stay focused on the strengths.   Logan Kimball serves as Chief Innovation Officer for AllSocial, focusing on content distribution, product enhancements, and user experience. Logan has contributed to the growth of AllSocial’s…

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Eric Deegear

Listen to audiobooks on double speed and you can gather information into your brain at a ridiculous rate… The more information you have, the more valuable you become.   Eric Deegear, entrepreneur and investor, was forged in the fires of Texas and currently travels the world, working remotely on his…

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Leif Elgethun

Take bigger risks, believe in yourself, and most importantly give more to the people and causes you care about.   Leif Elgethun is the CEO and founder of Retrolux, driving the smart lighting software company’s strategic vision and managing investor relations. Retrolux is transforming the commercial and industrial lighting and…

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Russ Stoddard – Co-Founder of Social Good Network

[quote style=”boxed”]…through creativity, design and a good programmer, you can truly change the world.[/quote] Russ Stoddard got bit with the entrepreneurial bug back in the lemonade stand days, and he hasn’t changed since. He has created five companies and helped start five nonprofits during his career, which spans jobs ranging…

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Ryan Woodings – Founder and Chief Geek of MetaGeek

[quote style=”boxed”]Little bets. Test your ideas as quickly as possible before you’ve invested too much. This allows you to test more ideas to find the winners, and reduces the risk of spending all of your resources on a bad idea.[/quote] Ryan is the founder and chief geek of MetaGeek, LLC….

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