Peter Vitale

Peter Vitale

Peter Vitale has built a well-respected consultancy, helping small insurance agencies become healthy, vibrant, and growing businesses. Perfecting his leadership skills as an Executive Account Manager for Allstate Insurance between 2012 and 2014, Vitale delved further into this professional sphere. After opening his own Allstate Insurance agency in February of…

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Sean Tissue

Sean Tissue

Sean is an American businessman and real estate investor. He is the CEO and founder of Detroit-based Centureon Investments, an alternative investment firm with around $250 million in managed assets. Sean was inspired to get into real estate at a young age and in 2008 he seized on that dream…

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John Enochs

John Enochs

Try out new things with confidence. Don’t be afraid of failure.   John Enochs is a computer engineer based in Detroit Michigan. He studied computer science at the University of Michigan Mercy. Upon graduation, John worked for a few organizations as a contract developer. After 5-years, in the corporate scene,…

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Wayne Jackson

Wayne Jackson

Live for the potential that you have within.   Bishop Wayne T. Jackson is an entrepreneur who blazed new trails when he launched Christian Television Network, touted as being the largest Christian Network in the country that is owned and operated by an African American. Since the networks’ inception, Bishop…

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Gary David

Gary David

If you do not face your fears and the things that make you anxious, then they will be harder than ever to overcome and take action.   Gary David is the CEO and founder of the country’s number one supplement for bodybuilders, CrazyMass. Before he founded the company in 2006,…

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Kyle Holsey – Owner of

Kyle Holsey - Owner of

I would get a mentor to avoid making costly mistakes. I would have also taken the time out to find myself through self-realization. This alone will help you take your business venture to the next level sooner than later. Kyle is a real estate investor and owner of born…

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Diana Russell – Co-founder of Rebel Nell

Diana Russell - Co-founder of Rebel Nell

[quote style=”boxed”]Every entrepreneur must face moments of failure. The trick is not to give up, but try again.[/quote] Rebel Nell creates defiant jewelry with a purpose. They make jewelry from fallen graffiti, while fulfilling their mission to employ, educate and empower disadvantaged women. Their goal is to transition the women…

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Detavio Samuels – President of GlobalHue-Detroit

Detavio Samuels - President of GlobalHue-Detroit

[quote style=”boxed”]Hire and grow giants. Doing so will make the world of a difference for you and the teams you manage as well as the people across the organization that depend on your team to perform.[/quote] Detavio Samuels is the President of GlobalHue-Detroit. At just 32, Detavio is one of the…

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David Farbman – Founder and CEO of Outdoor Hub

David Farbman - Founder and CEO of Outdoor Hub

[quote style=”boxed”]The truth is, Outdoor Hub was an accident. I tried to create a pro-hunting league, World Hunting Association, and it bombed. Outdoor Hub was a morph and has turned into a worldwide success online, which is very cool![/quote] David Farbman is the CEO and Founder of Outdoor Hub and…

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