Nick Jaksa

Nick Jaksa is founder of Integrated Operations whose new Viral Defense division is focused on improving safety through the mitigation of the spread of germs and on trying to help attack the pandemic head on. The company’s unique disinfectant misting systems help improve safety while people are entering a building,…

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Maurice Moses

Currently from Michigan, Maurice Moses’ parents originally met at University of London during graduate school – his father is a retired physics instructor and my mother was an accountant. She passed away on November 22, 2013. Maurice’s father is 90 years-old. His father’s homeland is Spain, his mother was from…

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Rob Koenen

Rob Koenen is the Chief Marketing Officer of Boxed Water is Better®; the first national company to offer a sustainable alternative to plastic water bottles and aluminum cans. Rob is charged with expanding Boxed Water’s core message of “better for you…better for the planet.” Boxed Water Is Better is quickly…

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Sean Tissue

Sean is an American businessman and real estate investor. He is the CEO and founder of Detroit-based Centureon Investments, an alternative investment firm with around $250 million in managed assets. Sean was inspired to get into real estate at a young age and in 2008 he seized on that dream…

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Dan Orfin

Stay vigilant, determined, and dedicated to whatever your dream is and don’t be afraid to ask for help to achieve it.   Daniel P. Orfin learned the value of a dollar from a very young age, and it has impacted his life, work ethic, and ceaseless determination ever since. Born…

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Ben Premo

Ben Premo Tech Entrepreneurs

Ben is the founder of It is a finance startup that helps consumers start a better bank relationship by focusing on fee transparency. The end goal of TrueFees is to make it easier for consumers to connect with their next financial institution through the use of technology and transparency….

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Frank Andrews

Surround yourself with the best talent you can find to make your “productive time” more fruitful.   CEO and founder of City Beat News and the Spectrum Award, Frank Andrews was born on a Poughkeepsie, New York farm where his father was employed. From an early age he showed an…

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Krista Schrader

Krista Schrader is a Realtor who co-owns Schrader Group, Keller Williams Realty alongside her husband, Luke, as a team. She is a top producing agent in the Greater Kalamazoo, Michigan area and bought her first home when she was just 20. Now at 25 years old she helps dozens achieve…

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Briana Marie

Never sacrifice yourself self-care for the sake of entrepreneurship   Briana Marie is the founder of Tanzek Media, a content marketing agency that helps small to mid-sized businesses meet their quarterly goals through digital marketing. From content creation to social media and website management, Tanzek Media has the solution for…

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Abe Salloum

You’ll achieve much more when you can rally people around a common goal   Abdallah Salloum’s career in integrated industrial manufacturing began in 1988 at Mazda Motor Manufacturing. He worked there for ten years while going to school. He received his BA in business at William Tyndale College and his…

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John Enochs

Try out new things with confidence. Don’t be afraid of failure.   John Enochs is a computer engineer based in Detroit Michigan. He studied computer science at the University of Michigan Mercy. Upon graduation, John worked for a few organizations as a contract developer. After 5-years, in the corporate scene,…

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