Diana Russell – Co-founder of Rebel Nell

[quote style=”boxed”]Every entrepreneur must face moments of failure. The trick is not to give up, but try again.[/quote] Rebel Nell creates defiant jewelry with a purpose. They make jewelry from fallen graffiti, while fulfilling their mission to employ, educate and empower disadvantaged women. Their goal is to transition the women they hire from a life […]

Vladimir Gendelman – Founder and CEO of Company Folders

[quote style=”boxed”]One of my greatest failures was starting multiple businesses at once. At the time, I thought this was a great idea, because I figured if one of them didn’t work out, the others would pull ahead. But what I didn’t consider was that spreading yourself thin prevents you from growing any of your businesses. […]

Joshua Conran – Senior Partner at Deksia

[quote style=”boxed”]If I were to start my entrepreneurial trek again, I would start by deliberately seeking out individuals who’d developed the skills or the level of success that I want to perfect. I would get a job with them to develop my skills while getting paid to do so.[/quote] Joshua Conran is a senior partner […]

Natalie Bauss – Founder of Keeki Pure and Simple

[quote style=”boxed”]Make decisions quickly and adjust as you go. Even mistakes should be made quickly.[/quote] Keeki Pure & Simple is the creation of Natalie Bauss, a mom of two, who lives on an organic farm in West Michigan. Bauss, a California native with 20 years of experience as an esthetician and a background in sales […]

Detavio Samuels – President of GlobalHue-Detroit

[quote style=”boxed”]Hire and grow giants. Doing so will make the world of a difference for you and the teams you manage as well as the people across the organization that depend on your team to perform.[/quote] Detavio Samuels is the President of GlobalHue-Detroit. At just 32, Detavio is one of the advertising industry’s youngest executives and he […]

Kathy Steck – Owner and Creator of DinerWear

[quote style=”boxed”]I believe the path we follow is always the path we had to take to get us where we are.[/quote] Kathy Steck is a “mompreneur,” “solopreneur,” “inventor,” “owner,” and…well…pick a title. She started DinerWear® with a chic product that helps people Dine with Dignity. The Cravaat™ is an elegant dining scarf that puts fashion […]

David Farbman – Founder and CEO of Outdoor Hub

[quote style=”boxed”]The truth is, Outdoor Hub was an accident. I tried to create a pro-hunting league, World Hunting Association, and it bombed. Outdoor Hub was a morph and has turned into a worldwide success online, which is very cool![/quote] David Farbman is the CEO and Founder of Outdoor Hub and Ag Hub, a principal in […]

Stacy Goldberg – Founder and CEO of Savorfull

[quote style=”boxed”]Constantly meet new people and make connections. You never know who you cross paths with and how they can impact you in the future.[/quote] A self-proclaimed “healthy and allergy-free food product fanatic” and nutritional consultant, Stacy Goldberg recognizes the importance of managing a life with a food allergy in a nutritionally sound, simple way. […]

Jordan Silverman – Co-Founder of Star Toilet Paper

[quote style=”boxed”]You have to make sacrifices to be successful. If you are not willing to make major sacrifices, do not start your own company.[/quote] Jordan Silverman is the co-founder of Star Toilet Paper, which is a unique advertising company that prints advertisements and coupons on toilet paper and supplies public venues with free printed toilet […]