Rob Saipe

Rob Saipe

Rob Saipe is the Managing Director of Made 4 Fighters. He was born in Yorkshire, England and currently resides in Leeds with his family. His first degree was in Sports Studies from Newcastle, and he graduated in 1993 with a Masters also in Sports and Management, from Leeds. A keen…

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Matthew Belcher

Rob Saipe

Anything is possible, so don’t discard your ideas. Even if it is already being done, the market is so vast.   DJ Matt Black was born Matthew Belcher, in the UK in 1993. As a young man, he developed a strong interest in Music. At the age of ten, he…

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Tony Freudmann

Rob Saipe

Understand the needs of your customers and identify the inefficiencies and the way they work. Then work with them to eliminate the inefficiencies. When it works it becomes mutually beneficial.   Tony Freudmann is the Director of the RiverOak Strategic Partners. He has thirty years of aviation and travel industry…

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Serge Belamant

Rob Saipe

Challenge yourself, challenge your thinking and challenge your ideas or views.   Serge Christian Pierre Belamant is a founding patent holder of blockchain technologies. Serge Belamant was born in the city of Tulle, France; his father, a tiler by trade, moved his family to South Africa when he was only…

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Charles Cridland

Rob Saipe

Rome wasn’t built in a day, so don’t expect your business to be an overnight success. Instead, keep doing the right things – be relentless, push the boundaries, and keep making improvements. Charles Cridland is the Co-founder and Technical Director of YourParkingSpace, the number one online parking marketplace in the…

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Peter Sage

Rob Saipe

See the idea as it has already been done.   Peter Sage, Chairman of The Sage Academy, has been an entrepreneur all of his life. He is an author, a teacher, and a philosopher. He has inspired people from all walks of life to reinvent themselves and become the best…

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Stéphanie Tumba

Rob Saipe

Be ambitious and follow your dreams, do not listen to people who have never lived and experienced what you’re aiming for and keep on maturing according to your ambitions.   Stéphanie was born and raised in Paris, France by Congolese parents. When she was seven, she was stealing her mother’s…

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Sarah Henley

Rob Saipe

With everything I do, I think about what worked and what could have been better and make sure I implement the feedback next time. This leads to continual improvement.   Sarah Henley is co-founder and COO of NextUp Comedy, a subscription video platform specialising in stand-up comedy specials. For a…

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Andy Halliday

Rob Saipe

Take calculated risks.   Andy Halliday is an entrepreneur and CEO of Coreter, which is the holding company of two digital marketing agencies which helps small and medium-sized businesses all over the globe. Coreter Media mainly focuses helping small and Medium size businesses with their digital marketing, while Onpage Rocks…

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