Francis Van Steenberge

Francis Van Steenberge

Francis Van Steenberge is an American born in the US, but as a child he had the opportunity to live is Southeast Asia, Germany, and Belgium. He completed his middle school and high school years in Waterloo, Belgium and then obtained a Master’s degree in Economics and business from the…

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William Prasifka

Francis Van Steenberge

William Prasifka was born in Dublin in 1990. After graduating from high school, William attended Columbia University in New York where he studied history and philosophy. He became particularly interested in nineteenth century American populism and completed a thesis which examined Charles Stewart Parnell’s American connections. On leaving Columbia, William…

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James McCauley

Francis Van Steenberge

Compartmentalize. Focusing on one task or role at a time will help you work more productively and efficiently.   James McCauley, entrepreneur, part-time stay-at-home dad and educator, is the Co-Founder of Pluxty. Pluxty is a baby product company founded by James and his wife Aileen that offers smart solutions to…

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Kealan Delaney

Francis Van Steenberge

Empower people to develop and work to their own devices, but within predefined controls that keeps the company organized.   As Founder and CEO of Delmec, Kealan Delaney has leveraged over 30 years of expertise to grow the telecommunications company from a small, regional operation into a global enterprise serving…

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Emma Walker

Francis Van Steenberge

You don’t need to be an IT whizz to pursue a career in blockchain technology.   Four months after joining Wachsman in early 2016, Emma Walker was named one of FinanceFeeds’ ’30 Under 30: the Industry’s Future Leaders’ and rapidly became a globally-acknowledged expert in blockchain public relations. In 2017,…

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Davide De Guz

Francis Van Steenberge

Build a reliable team that fits with your company culture and empowers you to keep your foot on the gas.   Davide De Guz is the founder of link management tool, Rebrandly, which empowers users to put their brand name on the links they share. Davide is a serial entrepreneur…

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Emmett Brady – Co-founder of WorldEscape

Stay 1000% focused on your goal and let nothing and no one sidetrack you. Over two decades, between 1980 and 2000, brother and sister team Emmett and Deirdre Brady modernized their family business, Rochford Brady, and built it into Ireland’s largest legal services firm. They disrupted that industry through the…

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