Torre DeRoche – Writer and Author of Fearful Adventurer

[quote style=”boxed”]You’ll either succeed, or you won’t. There is no reason to freak out. Relax and enjoy the journey.[/quote] Torre DeRoche is the Fearful Adventurer. She blogs on facing fears and taking bold leaps despite her fear of … well … pretty much everything. Her debut book ‘Love with a Chance of Drowning’ was just […]

James Farmer – CEO of Incsub

[quote style=”boxed”]Really simple, you need to feel so passionate about something, work on it and think about it so much that there’s really no other option.[/quote] James Farmer is CEO of Incsub, based in Melbourne, Australia but with staff around the world. Incsub is primarily made up of Edublogs, hosting over 2 million blogs for […]

Dave Slutzkin – Founder and CEO of

[quote style=”boxed”]Say “I don’t know”. Entrepreneurs often feel that they’re required to have vision, and that means that they should always know what to do. That’s just not true. No-one has all the information, but saying “I don’t know” gets you access to the opinions of others, and forces you to craft methods of getting […]

Rhys, Scarlett and Sarah – Founders of Social Rehab

[quote style=”boxed”]Stay humble, you’ll make more connections, get more references and be looked upon more kindly by your peers.[/quote] Hailing from London, Australia and Singapore, these twenty-somethings first met as participants of the BBH Barn (Asia-Pacific) 2012. From there, Rhys, Scarlett and Sarah set out to “do something good, famously” – and that’s how Social […]

Audrey Melnik – Founder and Developer of WotWentWrong

[quote style=”boxed”]That’s one of the gifts of being an entrepreneur – you’re constantly starting new projects, or taking them in new directions. For me, it’s less about wanting to go back and do something differently – and more about applying everything I’m learning to whatever’s coming next.[/quote] Audrey Melnik is founder and developer of WotWentWrong, […]

Penny and Jane – Co-Founders of Clothing for Correspondence

Penelope Chai and Jane Dickenson are Melbourne-based writers of fiction, nonfiction and for the screen.  They are the co-creators of Clothing for Correspondence, a project where they barter for clothing by writing other people’s correspondences. They ghost write love letters, complaint letters, letters from dogs, letters to cars, lists, speeches, Christmas card greetings and basically […]

Simon Griffiths – Co-founder of Shebeen and Who Gives A Crap

[quote style=”boxed”]Ideas that are so brilliant yet so simple you can’t believe you didn’t think of them yourself. That and being told that I can’t do something.[/quote] In 2007 Simon Griffiths graduated from Melbourne University with a Bachelor of Engineering and a Bachelor of Commerce and set up, his first social enterprise. Ripple is […]