Torre DeRoche – Writer and Author of Fearful Adventurer

[quote style=”boxed”]You’ll either succeed, or you won’t. There is no reason to freak out. Relax and enjoy the journey.[/quote] Torre DeRoche is the Fearful Adventurer. She blogs on facing fears and taking bold leaps despite her fear of … well … pretty much everything. Her debut book ‘Love with a Chance of Drowning’ was just […]

James Farmer – CEO of Incsub

[quote style=”boxed”]Really simple, you need to feel so passionate about something, work on it and think about it so much that there’s really no other option.[/quote] James Farmer is CEO of Incsub, based in Melbourne, Australia but with staff around the world. Incsub is primarily made up of Edublogs, hosting over 2 million blogs for […]