Rob Irizarry – Founder of Kudoso

[quote style=”boxed”]I’d start much, much earlier. I didn’t join my first startup until I was 34, looking back I would have done it the day I graduated from college.[/quote] Rob Irizarry spent three decades working with hardware and software technology in the finance, garment and automotive industries, with twelve of those years engaged in pioneering […]

Greg Gianforte – Founder of RightNow Technologies

[quote style=”boxed”]Focus earlier on growing our own leaders internally.[/quote] Greg Gianforte and his wife Susan have called Bozeman home since 1995. He is a serial software entrepreneur and active mentor of Montana entrepreneurs. Mr. Gianforte founded RightNow, in Bozeman in 1997. The company grew to more than 1,100 employees worldwide and more than $225 million […]

Shannon Hughes – Co-Founder of Spur Studio

[quote style=”boxed”]”Disconnecting from the world for a few moments is usually the best way to reconnect with yourself and your creative superpowers.”[/quote] Shannon answered Montanaʼs siren song of steep peaks and endless adventure after graduating from the University of Vermont in 2002 with the ultimate in useful, in-demand degrees: a Bachelor of Arts in English […]