Bhawana Singh

Bhawana Singh

Bhawana Singh a Food Blogger and a homemaker. She has 2 lovely kids and a beloved husband. She has worked as a senior software engineer for 6 years with IBM and Oracle. She is now residing in Phoenix, Arizona. She is continuing to expand her collection of vegan and vegetarian…

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Abbie Mirata

Bhawana Singh

Abbie is a trainer, speaker, corporate executive and business owner. Founder of the non profit Kyndly and owner of a retail franchise that focuses on hiring and mentoring young people, she is focused on impacting people, creating community and building a kinder world. She brings together all her passions in…

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Brenda Ster

Bhawana Singh

Knowing exactly where our ideal customer was struggling is what helped us expand.   Brenda’s years of experience as a corporate technology executive, and her success in the direct sales world has led her to where she is today. She was called to help small business owners achieve their goals…

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Cody Robertson

Bhawana Singh

It’s super important to fail – as long as you learn from your mistakes.   Cody Robertson, creative director for Polyient Labs, can trace his creative impulses and fascination with technology back to childhood fascination with skateboards, which he not enjoyed using, but he also wanted to design. It was…

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Dai Baker

Bhawana Singh

Automating your business processes will save your staff countless hours and improve your client experience.   Dai Baker is a marketing and branding strategist, entrepreneur, academic scholar and mother. Seeking a career that allowed Dai to utilize her creativity, she discovered Branding and Marketing. In September 2015, she launched Dai…

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Michael Eckerman

Bhawana Singh

Surround yourself with great people who will lead you in the right direction and offer good experience and expertise.   Michael Eckerman is a real estate investor and vacation rental owner in Arizona. Born in the small mining town of Globe, Arizona, Michael prides himself on providing an upscale vacation…

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Jordan Wavra

Bhawana Singh

Jordan Wavra is a Holistic Health & Lifestyle Coach, Certified Personal Trainer, and Mindfulness Expert who supports fellow moms on their journey towards a healthy, vibrant, energetic life. She’s a wife, mom, and adventure seeker. She firmly believes in the power that a holistic lifestyle, energy healing, and a positive…

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Hannah Sivak

Bhawana Singh

Re-think the basics, re-examine the “normal”. We take too much for granted that shouldn’t. Look at other fields of expertise and see how they do things.   Known as a skincare scientist, Dr. Hannah Sivak, PhD founded Skin Actives Scientific in 2006. As her own way to put science first,…

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Nikesh Seth

Bhawana Singh

Success won’t just come to you. You need to work for it and earn it and not be afraid to fail.   Born and raised in Scottsdale, Arizona, Dr. Nikesh Seth began his journey by studying biomedical engineering and pre-med at Johns Hopkins University. He then decided to return to…

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