Kayla Patrick

Keep setting higher and bigger goals, and never settle.   You might know Kayla Patrick as #YourFavoriteLender on Instagram, or as a new media expert who helps people and brands grow their audiences using Instagram and cutting edge public relations strategies. Born and raised in Orange County, California, Kayla turned…

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Peter Barker

You’re only as good as your weakest link.   Peter Barker is a passionate, experienced owner of Barker Management Inc, with the drive for providing exceptional service and positive experiences to his staff and clients. He was born in Orange County, California. Today, Mr. Barker resides in Orange County ….

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Isbert Bermudez

It is not the quantity of time that you spend in the office it is the quality of work you produce.   When you choose to create your own career path, you have the opportunity to travel to many different countries. You interact and do business with different cultures, and…

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Sean Brown

If you wake up early, you can have time for everything.   Sean Brown is an Orange County, California based entrepreneur and investor most known for being the CEO of GO VC. His venture capital firm GO VC, empowers businesses by offering more than just capital. Sean is known for…

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Christina Szekeres

Performance marketing is an industry that anybody can succeed in regardless of background.   Christina Szekeres is a Hungarian born digital entrepreneur, consultant and global speaker who currently resides in Southern California. She comes across as both your next door friend and a fierce businesswoman. With more than 13 years…

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Tim Burd

Take the time to really build a business that’s sustainable and viable in the long term, instead of going after fast money.   Tim Burd is a California based digital marketing expert known as the King of Facebook Ads, having spent over $100 Million on the ad platform on his…

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Scott Vollero – Founder of ScrapCATapp.com

Focus on what your business is and who your customers are, not what your business could be or who your customers might be. Scott Vollero is an international entrepreneur and expert in the precious metals and automotive parts recycling industries. His latest venture, ScrapCATapp.com (SCA), is a mobile app that…

Meet Scott Vollero – Founder of ScrapCATapp.com

Narin Charan – Founder and CEO of Capital Alliance

Keep learning and striving to improve the value of what you can offer to the world. Evolve or die. It’s your choice. Narin Charan is the founder and CEO of Capital Alliance, a tech-enabled private lender focused on serving small business. After 10 years of service as CEO, Narin carries…

Meet Narin Charan – Founder and CEO of Capital Alliance

Dr. Barry Friedberg MD – Founder of Goldilocks Anesthesia Foundation

Persistence. My late mother said I was a trying child and I am still trying as an adult. Dr. Barry Friedberg was born in Philadelphia, PA. He grew up and attended school there all through high school. When it was time to go to college Dr. Friedberg chose Muhlenberg College…

Meet Dr. Barry Friedberg MD – Founder of Goldilocks Anesthesia Foundation