Robert Lotter

Robert Lotter

By focusing his energies on the protection of others, Robert Lotter has risen from humble beginnings to becoming a highly successful owner, CEO, and investor. An inventor and mobile technology innovator, he approaches every challenge with a strict adherence to military-style investigation, testing, and problem solving. Born in the Midwest…

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Nick Buchanan

Nick Buchanan

Stay focused and accept that what seems like failure is simply one step on the path to success.   Nick Buchanan is a customer-focused technology visionary with a history of playing key roles in product management, program management and business development. He is a well-established thought leader in the identity…

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Dr. Michael Arata

Dr. Michael Arata

Forgiveness is the most powerful tool humans have.   While originally from the San Francisco Bay Area Dr. Michael Arata spent his formative years in the woods of far northern California. He lived in a cabin built by his father and himself with water coming from a small stream on…

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Leslie Licano

Leslie Licano

Integrating influencers into our pitching outreach, experiential marketing events and social media programs has elevated our programs across the board and has produced really exciting results for our clients.   Leslie Licano, co-founder and CEO of Beyond Fifteen Communications, is an award-winning public relations strategist, renowned for her ability to…

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Greg Kaplan

Greg Kaplan

Be open to pursuing new opportunities.   Greg Kaplan is the founder of CollegePath, the first free mobile app that provides custom weekly college admissions advice tailored to a student’s interests, goals, and activities for every step of the college admissions process. He is the author of Earning Admission: Real…

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Michael Gleason

Michael Gleason

Learn from mentors who have seen a lot of action.   Michael Gleason is the founder of InMyArea. They provide a localized home services comparison shopping site – a one stop shop where you can compare prices and purchase high speed internet, cable, home security, and many other services. It doesn’t matter…

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Jean Ginzburg – CEO of Ginball

Jean Ginzburg - CEO of Ginball

Create more content. I have been creating content over the past year, but had I started when I was younger, I would have loads of valuable content by now to share with my community. Jean Ginzburg is a Serial Entrepreneur, Digital Sales and Marketing Expert with more than 10 years of industry…

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Moti Ferder – Founder of Lugano Diamonds

Moti Ferder - Founder of Lugano Diamonds

Do things differently, don’t follow the path. The trailblazers in every field, whether politics, art, music, science, technology forge their own path. Master craftsman and jewelry expert, Moti Ferder, founder of Lugano Diamonds, has unparalleled insight into the diamond and jewelry industries. This knowledge contributed to his success in establishing…

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Mike Shapiro – CEO & Chairman of HÔM Sotheby’s International Realty

Mike Shapiro - CEO & Chairman of HÔM Sotheby's International Realty

Focus on physical health as much as mental. Regardless of your work environment, create a positive space to nurture the lives of those around you. Mike Shapiro – the Chairman and CEO of HÔM Sotheby’s International Realty. In 2008 he purchased a majority stake, recapitalizing the corporation. Employing his specific…

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Deborah Gavello – President of Gavello & Associates

Deborah Gavello - President of Gavello & Associates

Find good people. Learn how to interview properly. Have someone watch you interview, without asking any questions and give you constructive feedback. Prepare for your interviews ahead of time, and don’t ask leading questions. Hiring good people is your most important job. Deborah Gavello has her own consulting business and…

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