J.R. Garrett – Co-founder of LogoGarden

Being an early riser is my most vital habit. Waking early just puts me in a “carpe diem” mindset. I wake up, go to the gym, do some reading, and then start prepping for my workday. Time can’t be regained, so maximizing your time is the most valuable … [Read more]

Jared Brown – Co-Founder of Hubstaff.com

Spec out your tasks. Write processes and get as granular as possible. Update them whenever your team discovers a more efficient way of doing something. Not only does this save you the time of explaining the same processes and answering the same … [Read more]

Rickard Hansson – Founder of Incentive

I make my decisions split second and don't dwell on anything. Good or bad, I just take risks and go with my gut, with what I thinks is good for the company. If it turns out to be wrong, I refocus and make changes. If it's the right decision, it's … [Read more]

Kyle Cook – Vice President of Diamond Banc

Here’s a little trick I use: When I’m having a conversation with someone I think I can learn from, I typically let him or her do most of the talking. I ask a few key questions, then I sit back, listen carefully, and take mental notes. Kyle Cook is … [Read more]

Louise Eriksson – Founder and CEO of Vint

Taking breaks. I go running or working out once a day, I try to take the weekends off. Doing these small things helps me solving problems and seeing things from a new light – you’re never productive if you get stuck. Louise Eriksson is an … [Read more]

Mark Britton – Founder and CEO of Avvo

Communicate and communicate some more. So many problems are avoided or solved simply by everyone on the team being really communicative and honest early and often. I have various uncomfortable conversions during my average Avvo day; but doing so … [Read more]

Charles Hibble – CEO of iDropped

Always ask questions. No matter what it is, even if on the surface it has no relevance to my life, part of me habitually wants to know how and why. These questions quickly transfer into what this information can do for me, or my team. Productivity is … [Read more]

Farbood Nivi – Founder of Learnist

Seeking integration. If you work with me, you’ll hear me say, “Let’s get integrated on this,” or “You all should get integrated on that.” I try to use this word instead of “figure this out.” After a decade of teaching, Farbood Nivi founded … [Read more]

Chris Thornham – Co-founder of FLO Cycling

Making a list or schedule of things to do and sticking to it. I used to react to everything the minute it came to me. This used to be possible when FLO Cycling was smaller, but now it’s not. You get so much more done when you focus on one thing at a … [Read more]

How To Focus as An Entrepreneur

Brilliant ideas, new sales opportunities or a dream team; what is the number one thing that an entrepreneur needs to have in order to succeed and be a name to reckon with? Most people would suggest a great idea and a great team, and as you diversify, … [Read more]