Will Bachman

Will Bachman

Will Bachman is the co-founder and Managing Partner of Umbrex in Queens, NY. a global community connecting 650 top tier independent management consultants across thirty countries. After five years at McKinsey, Bachman left in 2008 to start his own independent consulting practice. He soon realized that while he knew how to…

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Ryan Brucato

Will Bachman

Always ask questions.   Ryan Brucato’s background is largely entrepreneurial. In early 2009, he founded the management consulting firm, RB Milestone Group LLC, and currently sits on its Advisory Board. He has been responsible for starting numerous private ventures throughout his career and has advised hundreds of public and private…

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Jonathan Ogurchak

Jonathan Ogurchak Tech Entrepreneurs

Dr. Jonathan Ogurchak is the Founder & CEO of STACK, a compliance management software designed to simplify the “outside of the dispense” complexities associated with running successful pharmacy organizations. He is also Managing Partner of Rhythm Group, consulting and technology solutions organization, and is a Certified Consultant with Accreditation Commission…

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Jerry Ting

Will Bachman

Lean on your client for feedback and utilize it for advancements in your company and its offerings.   Jerry Ting is the founder and CEO of Evisort, a contract analytics and management system that uses cutting edge artificial intelligence to help enterprises organize and extract information from their legal documents….

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Shabbir Evershine

Will Bachman

Whatever your passion, just do it. The world will reciprocate. Money will follow. Dreams will become realities. Take the first step — today.   When Shabbir Evershine was seven years old, he started a comic library outside his house on the sidewalk, loaning out Archie and other superhero comics for a small…

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Eric Rozenberg

Will Bachman

Collaborate, and surround yourself with great people. Alone, you can do nothing, so have a sounding board and seek out people who have more experience and intelligence.   Eric Rozenberg has produced some of the most exciting events that business people have ever attended. Each event was designed to not…

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Praveen Malik

Will Bachman

Do not run after too many things and ideas. Concentrate on a few goals and make your effort count.   Praveen Malik is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP®) with rich 23 years of professional experience. He is a computer science engineer by education and has good working experience of…

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